Webstart Troubleshooting

On this site you can find instructions and information concerning the BiNA Webstart visualization for networks. Before you report a problem with this feature please make sure that you have checked all the points on this page.

Java Version

The BiNA Webstart feature depends on Java 7 being installed on your machines. Java 6 and lower are not supported. When you have installed multiple Java versions, make sure version 7 is the default version.

Nothing happens

Of the four major browsers only Firefox and Internet Explorer will ask you to directly open the application. For Safari and Chrome you must manually start the program by clicking onto the downloaded JNLP file.

For Safari you can access your downloads as indicated in the top right corner.
Note: It might be that during download, Safari extends the filename by .html. This extension needs to be removed before the file can be opened.

Location of the download button in Safari

For Chrome a popup should appear at the bottom of the page when attempting a download:

Location of the download button in Chrome

Java Security

Java error: Application blocked

Java will warn you about BiNA not being signed with a trusted certificate. You can safely ignore this warning (if you trust us, of course). The Windows and MacOS X Java implementations are especially persistent and require you to lower the security settings in the Java control panel to medium:

Required settings in the Java Control panel.

You can access the Java Control Panel through the system settings:

For Windows: Start → All Programs → Java → Configure Java

For MacOS X: System Preferences → Java

Security settings in Java Control Panel

In cases where only the security levels Very High and High are available, an exception has to be added. Click on the Edit Site List... button, the Exception Site List window opens.

Exception Site List Window

Click on the Add button and enter the following URL: http://binaws.bioinf.uni-sb.de.

Exception added for binaws